Online HTML Minifier/Compressor

A simple and elegent solution to minify/compress html online to make it more optimized and efficient which improves website load time.


Understanding HTML Minifier


What is a HTML Minification?

Minification, also known as minimization, is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from HTML source code to reduce its size. This includes not only white space but also characters like carriage returns and line feeds. Minification is not necessary for JavaScript or CSS, because these languages are meant to be readable by humans. Instead, JavaScript and CSS should be compressed.

The HTML minifier takes an HTML document as input, applies some compression techniques, and outputs an optimized file.

The HTML minifier only removes white space characters from the document.

Remove unnecessary leading, trailing, and duplicate white space characters. This includes spaces, tabs, newlines, carriage returns, and line feeds. There are two exceptions: indentation before pre tags will remain, and lines that contain only whitespace will be preserved because they can affect wrapping in some browsers.